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About Me

Scrambling in Isle of Sky, 2014
Scrambling in Isle of Sky, 2014 ©Claire Hopkins

Hey folks,

My name is Antti Kajanus. I moved to Edinburgh at end of 2013 due my work and I find myself enjoying Scotland and its nature more and more every week that passes. I was born in Finland where I have been living until now so I’m fairly used to play in the snow and enjoying outdoors but Scottish nature brought something new to me that is there to stay – mountains.

This blog is based on the idea, how I’m learning necessarily skills to take the hills and mountains and being able to enjoy nature with minimalist approach. I hope that I can challenge myself and make a transform from normal hiker and cross-country skier to mountaineer and lightweight backpacker. I have spent many days in the nature when I was younger but I had period of several years when I was too busy with other things. After I got from army, I started to get to hiking, hunting and skiing and now the inner fire is burning hotter than ever.

I got introduced to rock climbing couple years ago in Helsinki and I have started climbing outdoors. My first real touch with big hills were back in 2012 when I took part to expedition to climb Island Peak (Imja Tse, 6189m / 20 305 ft) in Nepal. Now I’m looking forward to this winter and winter climbing as well as ski touring on Scottish Munros.

It’s not just climbing that I’m interested in. Another thing that has been going around in my head lately is lightweight backpacking. I like the idea being able to cover longer distances in a day, seeing more and faster but I think that I can challenge myself different ways that I could with a larger pack. One thing that I try to cover how others that are moving towards lighter pack, can save the trouble (slash money) and skip at least some pumps that I hit.

Scrambling with EMC in Stob Dhorrcaill - Knoydart 2014
Scrambling with EMC on Stob Dhorrcaill – Knoydart 2014 ©Claire Hopkins

I’m member of Edinburgh Mountaineering Club (EMC) and I try to attend as many meetings as I can.  You can read meet reports from here. I joined to the club on January 2014 so I’m still a greenhorn. It’s good place to get more knowledge and just having friends that enjoys same stuff that I do.

Anyway, hope you will enjoy my yarns and hopefully learn something new while reading. Feel free to contact me on TwitterFacebook or Send Mail if you have any feedback, questions or ideas what to cover in the blog.



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2 thoughts on “About Me

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    1. Hi Carsten

      Sorry for really long delay noticing the comment. I have been a bit busy with other stuff so the blog has been living it’s own life but thankfully I have more time to focus on my blog and adventures!

      I’m Interested to hear more. If you are still interested, please mail to firstname . surname @

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